About this training

  • You become acquainted with the user interface of the Gira HomeServer.
  • You learn how an individual IP address and Internet access are configured.
  • You know how to send data per e-mail or event mail.
  • You learn how to store data on an FTP server.
  • You learn to calibrate the server time with NTP.
Gira HomeServer

Software simulation

Gira HomeServer - Network configuration

Note: This training requires basic knowledge of network technology. Therefore you should have already successfully completed our web-based training on the foundations of network technology before beginning this training.

In this WBT, you learn how to integrate and configure the Gira HomeServer or Gira FacilityServer in an existing network. The WBT includes a software simulation which opens in a separate window.


The existing WBT does not contain exercises or tests.

approx. 50 Min.