Online seminar in the virtual classroom

Part 4: HomeServer / FacilityServer - Logic und alarms

A well-executed KNX installation is no longer limited to simply switching the lights and controlling the blinds.

Customers expect a higher level of functionality and, above all, more benefits from a KNX installation compared to a conventionally executed electrical installation. The use of the HomeServer / FacilityServer opens up further areas of application with very high functionality for KNX.

The seminar participant learns the practical handling of the HomeServer / FacilityServer logic and is thus enabled to carry out functionally higher-quality KNX installations. The functionality of the logic in the HomeServer is explained using examples. Alarms such as push messages and e-mails are explained using practical applications.


This seminar is part of the HomeServer online seminar series:

  • Part 1: HomeServer / FacilityServer - Basis 
  • Part 2: HomeServer / FacilityServer - Visualisation Gira-Interface (QuadClient) 
  • Part 3: HomeServer / FacilityServer - Free HTML visualisations
  • Part 4: HomeServer / FacilityServer -  Logic and alarms
  • Part 5: HomeServer / FacilityServer - IP communication and networking of systems
Date Location
04/07/2024 Online seminar in English! (seminar language: English) continue
13/09/2024 Online seminar in English! (seminar language: English) continue
28/01/2025 Online seminar in English! (seminar language: English) continue
Duration 3 hours - 10:00 am to 1:00 pm (CET)
Price Free of charge
  • Programming the HomeServer / FacilityServer logic
  • Programming complex logical links
  • Structured approach to planning
  • Alarm functions such as push and mail dispatch
  • Sonos and global libraries
  • Message archives
  • Start HomeServer scenes via a KNX push button
Target group
  • Electrical installers
  • System integrators
  • Planning engineers
  • Electrical wholesale

Headset and PC with internet connection or tablet with installed Microsoft™ Teams™ App.

Basic knowledge of KNX is required