About this training

  • You will learn the first steps to manual commissioning
  • You will learn the first steps for commissioning via the DCS-IP data interface
Gira Türkommunikation zwei Möglichkeiten der Programmierung

Training videos

Gira door communication - two programming options

The first video shows the manual commissioning of the Gira door communication system.

The second video shows commissioning using a PC and the GPA (Gira Project Assistant) commissioning software.

This is not a complete online documentation for commissioning the Gira door communication system, but rather an aid for quick entry and for post-processing after attending a TKS workshop.

Note: This interactive commissioning for Gira door communication does not replace the technical documentation (e.g. operating instructions) for the Gira door communication system.

These are still to be observed with priority.

This WBT does not contain any exercises or tests.

approx. 8 Min.