About this training

  • You will find out which software modules are required for DCS-IP-gateway start-up.
  • You will learn to configure the correct network settings for the DCS-IP-gateway.
  • You will find out how network cameras are integrated in the door communication system.
  • You will learn to set up the DCS Communicator on a PC.

Software simulation/Training documentation

Start-up of the DCS-IP-gateway

Note: This interactive start-up for the DCS-IP-gateway does not replace the technical documentation (e.g. operating instructions) for the DCS-IP-gateway. The instructions shall still be given priority.

This online distance learning course includes the initial steps and software simulations for the interactive start-up of the DCS-IP-gateway.

It is not a complete online documentation for the DCS-IP-gateway, but rather an aid for quick start-up and review after you have participated in a door communication workshop.

The existing WBT does not contain exercises or tests.

approx. 60 Min.